International Business & Marketing Internships | Professional Internships in Ireland
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International Business & Marketing Internships

Get your hands on some green in Ireland – and not just in the clover fields. Anyone who’s been awake for the last couple decades knows that modern business is all about globalization, international markets, and creating companies that benefit the general public. Whether you’re “disrupting this” or “innovating that,” the truth remains: practical, sensible business models can be applied in ways that not only generate revenue, but can also challenge the status quo and improve lives.

Are you ready to be bold, to pioneer solutions to everyday problems, and to take ownership of some seriously cool projects in a modern-day startup? Make the Celtic Tiger purr as you master Irish business etiquette this summer.


Business internships in Ireland is conducted in a familiar fashion for American international students. Trusting your business-gut will help you succeed in any role. Interns must be willing to initiate action and ingrain themselves into a company – you have a few short weeks to make yourself indispensable, make the most of it. Set realistic expectations what you can execute in your business role, and remember that you are ultimately here to learn, observe, and better understand foreign business practices. Don’t be distracted by the pots of gold. There’s a whole treasure trove of internship opportunities awaiting you.

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  • A critical thinker

  • Focused & disciplined

  • Task oriented

  • Competitive

  • A leader

  • Organized & efficient


We make it our business to ensure you have a positive experience as an intern in Ireland. PII places interns at small and medium-sized enterprises; the smaller work environment allow for more ownership and responsibility of projects. Working in a small group means wearing many hats; this more collaborative, team-driven approach allows for growth in skills that you might not initially know you love (or have a knack for).

Interns will be given individual projects, such as launching a newsletter campaign, completing market research in foreign countries, developing a content marketing strategy, or improving website performance through site-speed or search engine optimization. Start-to-finish projects are hallmark of PII internships, as they allow interns to feel confident and accomplished when they board their flight back home.


Tailored internships

One person = one internship. We won’t force you into a work experience that’s not a great fit.

Cork, baby!

Our awesome internships are located outside of Dublin in smaller, more intimate cities and towns.


Internships can last 8, 10, or 12 weeks depending on your availability & potato-eating-threshold.


Though rent is not included, we’ll help you secure a cozy spot to relax in & call home after-hours.

Application fee

All applications require a $99 refundable* fee paid online.

Total cost – $2400

Programmes cost a flat-rate of $2400 & include a variety of services. Read about them here.

More about the business sector in Ireland

Hard times fell on the Emerald Isle after the 2008 economic downturn, and the lasting effects of the crash are still felt in everyday life. However, a major source of optimism for the people has been its entrepreneurs. New enterprises, particularly in social entrepreneurship, have become a key focus of the business sector in recent years. Historically, ⅔ of new jobs in Ireland have been created by these new companies and startups, and the most industrious fields are IT Services, Green Sector Jobs, and Medicine/Health.

Choose a Program Today!

Graphic Design

Strengthen your portfolio AND have your best summer yet – jackpot! Don’t worry, you won’t have to put shamrocks on everything.

Hospitality & Tourism

While doing your summer internship in tourism, you’ll quickly learn that Ireland is more than potatoes, step-dancing, and redheads.


Use your precious summer months to intern in an NGO, where you can give back while gaining incredible professional skills.

Sports & Recreation

You don’t have to have the rules of Gaelic football memorized to qualify for (or succeed in) one of these internships.