International Nonprofit Internships | Professional Internships in Ireland
Find international nonprofit internships in Europe! Premier Internships Ireland pairs exceptional students with incredible NGO internships abroad in Ireland.
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International Nonprofit Internships

You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get from helping others? Yeah, that feels pretty darn good. And we’ve got an idea of how you can feel that same feel, just served up a little differently. While societal and environmental problems are universal, methods to tackle them are not. Seeing how other people around the world approach a community problem and create solutions is a valuable learning experience for any international volunteer. Individuals aspiring to work in social services or international development would be wise to seek international internships to complement their academic studies. With many non-profit organizations feeling the pinch, internship opportunities are not only abundant, and they also present a viable way to get your foot in the door and get some seriously cool experience under your belt.


Interning in Ireland in a nonprofit is good for individuals with career goals in community development, economics, politics, civil service, and other community-focused fields. Because nonprofits tend to be strapped for resources, a pair of willing hands is generally all that is required. However, special skills such as fundraising, public relations, marketing, finance, or administration will improve your chances of getting hired and being more useful to an organization. Working in non-profits can be heart wrenching at times; interns must be willing to work through the (oftentimes) dark underbelly of society while staying optimistic about prospects.

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  • Organized

  • Adept at writing

  • Empathetic and sensitive

  • Flexible

  • Resourceful

  • Financially savvy


Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in Ireland’s social and economic life. The internship options are extremely diverse – ranging in size from working with small community groups to large national organizations. Regardless of the environment you choose, one underlying goal unites them all: a desire to allocate resources more effectively to improve the lives of others.

While interning in an NGO in Ireland, you might help make sure local needs are met through housing, healthcare, education, and social service charities. If you prefer working towards advocacy and awareness, you can strive for justice by interning in an international development or religious groups, learning the inner-workings of organizational processes. For a more people-facing internship, opt to intern with art, sports, and other special interest groups to entertain, educate, and create jointly with others.

Whether helping children gain access to technology or resources, creating green spaces and wellness programs, working on a sustainable agriculture project, or developing a more effective water system in a tiny village, nonprofit internships in Ireland won’t just allow you to make the world a little lighter. They’ll also add depth to your resume and better prepare you for a career in development work, both abroad or back in the US.


Tailored internships

One person = one internship. We won’t force you into a work experience that’s not a great fit.

Cork, baby!

Our awesome internships are located outside of Dublin in smaller, more intimate cities and towns.


Internships can last 8, 10, or 12 weeks depending on your availability & potato-eating-threshold.


Though rent is not included, we’ll help you secure a cozy spot to relax in & call home after-hours.

Application fee

All applications require a $99 refundable* fee that is remitted online via Paypal or credit card.

Total cost – $2400

Programmes cost a flat-rate of $2400 & include a variety of services. Read about them here.

More about the nonprofit sector in Ireland

The decline of the Irish economy in recent years has called for increasing social and political action for the people. Environmental protection, labor rights, and women’s rights are major issues currently facing non-governmental organizations in Ireland. There are over 8,000 different non-profits currently active in Ireland as of the 2008 INKEx report. As of 2013, the total income for the not-for-profit sector was estimated at €12.4 billion, with an estimated contribution of 9.1% of the GNP. Irish nonprofits depend on a mixture of revenue sources, including grants and donations of various kinds from public and private entities, fundraising, and earnings from investments.

This sector plays a defining role in Irish society, simultaneously shaping and reflecting the priorities, passions, and values of the national psyche.

Choose a Program Today!

Business & Marketing

Don your fave tie or power skirt, embrace the startup mentality, and do more than the coffee-run thing while interning in Ireland.

Graphic Design

Strengthen your portfolio AND have your best summer yet – jackpot! Don’t worry, you won’t have to put shamrocks on everything.

Hospitality & Tourism

While doing your summer internship in tourism, you’ll quickly learn that Ireland is more than potatoes, step-dancing, and redheads.

Sports & Recreation

You don’t have to have the rules of Gaelic football memorized to qualify for (or succeed in) one of these internships.