International Sports & Recreation Internships | Professional Internships in Ireland
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International Sports & Recreation Internships


As much fun as spending your summer caddying for your dad’s old golf buddies again sounds, it’s time you turn in your clubs for something new. Specialize in a brand new sport (hurling, anyone?) or opt to continue growing in enthusiasm for a familiar game (golf and football are local favorites). If you have a love for community involvement that rivals Leslie Knope’s, focus on the “municipal recreation” side of this internship field – improving the locals’ quality of life with fun, interactive programming. The sports culture of a foreign country can be one of the most passionate and fascinating aspects of experiencing life abroad. Score book in hand, laces tied tight, and a smile ready to brave even the toughest referee or internship supervisor, the only thing missing from serious professional development this summer is your ticket to Ireland.


It’s a competitive field, both on and off the pitch. While you don’t need to have the name of Ireland’s most beloved sportsman memorized to succeed (it’s Padraig Harrington, for the record), a devoted love for the tri-color will get you far. Generally speaking, an interest in the fields of hospitality, event planning, or marketing will complement your internship work, and sales or public relations skills will help you climb the ladder more quickly.Channel your inner athlete and push yourself to greatness by interning in Ireland!

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  • A team player

  • Proficient at project management

  • Collaborative

  • Solution-oriented

  • Resourceful

  • Adaptable


Don’t settle for the days when working in the sports and recreation industry was limited to selling tickets or running coverage of the local professional team for your hometown paper – you’re ready for something more. Depending on your game-day preference, your internship tasks will vary. Note that egging the competition’s house is generally frowned upon and not to be done on the clock.

You can try your luck at youth coaching in sports leagues, strategy building, corporate team marketing, and general office work. Exercise your fundraising muscles for a community philanthropy, schedule sports events, lead an arts and crafts session at a summer camp, direct a health and wellness program, develop community outreach initiatives, start a free basketball league. Most importantly, educate participants on the importance of camaraderie, responsibility, teamwork, sacrifice, and respect for others. All of these foci are a possibility, depending on your passions, career goals, and how skilled you are with a clip board.

Ireland praises a holistic view of any game, lauding the psychological, emotional, intellectual, AND physical pieces that must come together for a polished competition. At their core, sports and recreation internships bring people together. Join the PII team!


Tailored internships

One person = one internship. We won’t force you into a work experience that’s not a great fit.

Cork, baby!

Our awesome internships are located outside of Dublin in smaller, more intimate cities and towns.


Internships can last 8, 10, or 12 weeks depending on your availability & potato-eating-threshold.


Though rent is not included, we’ll help you secure a cozy spot to relax in & call home after-hours.

Application fee

All applications require a $99 refundable* fee that is remitted online via Paypal or credit card.

Total cost – $2400

Programmes cost a flat-rate of $2400 & include a variety of services. Read about them here.

More about the sports sector in Ireland

The Sports Industry in Ireland supports 40,000 jobs, contributes 2.4% to GDP and stimulates €1.9 billion in household spending each year. Career opportunities in the Sports Industry grew rapidly in the late nineties and early noughties; despite plateauing in the recent economic downturn, the field has continued to thrive, and gyms and recreation centers have become commonplace in Ireland. On an annual basis, it is estimated that approximately 37.2 million hours are spent on sport-related activities, the most popular of which are swimming, soccer, golf, Gaelic football, cycling, hurling, and rugby.

Choose a Program Today!

Business & Marketing

Don your fave tie or power skirt, embrace the startup mentality, and do more than the coffee-run thing while interning in Ireland.

Graphic Design

Strengthen your portfolio AND have your best summer yet – jackpot! Don’t worry, you won’t have to put shamrocks on everything.

Hospitality & Tourism

While doing your summer internship in tourism, you’ll quickly learn that Ireland is more than potatoes, step-dancing, and redheads.


Use your precious summer months to intern in an NGO, where you can give back while gaining incredible professional skills.