International Graphic Design Internships | Professional Internships in Ireland
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International Graphic Design Internships

If your specialty is design, don’t confine your skills to your tools-of-choice. Design a life you love while you’re at it – and start by having the best summer of your life. Design internships in Ireland are one-of-a-kind, and allow you to hone in your craft in an international context.

The ability to adapt to a different culture’s stylistic and artistic sweet-spot is THE skill missing from your resume. Companies the world over are looking to expand, digitize, and market to wider audiences more intelligently – the key design element being able to recognize and modify it relative to local influences and preferences. Whether you’re interested in print, web, big media, infographics, digital art, animation, fashion, furniture, UI – give your portfolio an international face lift and ignite your creative processes like never before: find design internships in Ireland!


It takes a unique personality to successfully juggle living life in a new country while simultaneously developing your artistic and business skills. Soft skills such as flexibility, adaptability, and problem solving will get you far as an international designer: it also always helps to handle critique effectively. Design may be a global language, but without an international design internship under your belt, it’ll be much harder to convince future employers you understand how to work with broader audiences and voices. The world is waiting for your brilliant hands (and mind) to get to work in a design internship abroad.

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  • Creative & imaginative

  • Solution-oriented

  • Can work within budgets

  • A master of time management

  • Trendy

  • Knowledgeable of your trade


From the traditional influences of Celtic symbols to the more-mod elements of Ireland’s major cities, the Emerald Isle is full of inspiration. You’ll replace lecture halls with studios and hands-on work, develop your own signature style, and “Wow!” the pants off of your colleagues with your creative prowess.

As notoriously fast-paced and competitive as a field like design, you’ll be responsible for a wide array of tasks, ranging from assisting in large scale projects to developing creative work of your own to helping out with general office hoo-hah.

Completing an internship abroad will give you new tools and perspectives, while also introducing you to new trends and interpretations of “cool.” But on the flipside, you need to know your s#@$ about American design and trends, too. Your coworkers will expect you help add depth to their understandings of YOUR culture, and will actively challenge your experiences, methodologies, and trainings. Sounds awesome, right?

Regardless of the day-in and day-out tasks, the chief goal of your time in Ireland should be to broaden your portfolio. Work with your internship supervisor to create specific projects that will both fulfill the company’s needs while also allowing you to show of yo’ skills or develop some new ones. It won’t take a design genius to recognize your creative genius!


Tailored internships

One person = one internship. We won’t force you into a work experience that’s not a great fit.

Cork, baby!

Our awesome internships are located outside of Dublin in smaller, more intimate cities and towns.


Internships can last 8, 10, or 12 weeks depending on your availability & potato-eating-threshold.


Though rent is not included, we’ll help you secure a cozy spot to relax in & call home after-hours.

Application fee

All applications require a $99 refundable* fee that is remitted online via Paypal or credit card.

Total cost – $2400

Programmes cost a flat-rate of $2400 & include a variety of services. Read about them here.

More about the design sector in Ireland

Highly functional, the general Irish style is effective without needing heavy elements; only what is needed is used. Survival, throughout Ireland’s history, required products to be functional, and this was the basis of all design from early on. From visual communications to industrial design, and fashion to furniture, Ireland has transitioned away from a thriving community of handcraft producers, and now flourishes on the world stage (and at an industrial scale) with other contemporary, high-profile, global designers. Further, Ireland is exceptionally capitalizing on the new wave of design, contributing greatly to international standards for UX, UI, and product design. Step up and step into this burgeoning scene in your international design internship.

Choose a Program Today!

Business & Marketing

Don your fave tie or power skirt, embrace the startup mentality, and do more than the coffee-run thing while interning in Ireland.

Hospitality & Tourism

While doing your summer internship in tourism, you’ll quickly learn that Ireland is more than potatoes, step-dancing, and redheads.


Use your precious summer months to intern in an NGO, where you can give back while gaining incredible professional skills.

Sports & Recreation

You don’t have to have the rules of Gaelic football memorized to qualify for (or succeed in) one of these internships.