Internship Programme Features | Premier Internships Ireland
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Internship Programme Features

What’s Included

Let us put in the work to connect you to an internship here in Ireland.

We’re the local experts, and our extensive network can be leveraged to match you with an internship that fits the professional experience you’re looking for. Check out all of the included services and extras that make our programs the best for internships on the Emerald Isle:

  • Customized internship placement with an exciting, locally-owned start up
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Visa assistance
  • Airport transfer from Cork
  • Welcome packet, with helpful items such as a local SIM card and guidebook (pot of gold not included)
  • Housing/accommodation location assistance
  • 24 hour emergency contact & ongoing support throughout program duration
  • Certificate of completion

Total cost

950.00 (3 Months)

1,050.00 (6, 9 & 12 Months)

Program Duration Options

Program duration is flexible to your goals and availability. For internships in Ireland, we offer the following internship durations:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months

We encourage interns to commit to as many weeks as possible for their internship, as the longer your internship, the more you get out of it.

Moving to another country, working in a new environment and creating a new lifestyle (putting in 40 hours a week is no light transition from your more laidback student-schedule!) is no easy feat. A longer internship period will allow you ample time to not only adjust to life abroad but to make the most of your entire experience.

What are my costs?

Here’s a comprehensive list of projected expenses for signing up for a Premier Internships Ireland program:

  • Application fee*75.00
  • Program fee – 950.00 (3 Months) 1,050.00 (6, 9 & 12 Months)
  • Room and board – varies
  • Flights to Ireland – varies
  • Souvenirs (because no one can leave Ireland without a bit of treasure!)

Not to sound like an overdone 90’s commercial, but an internship experience in Ireland with us is priceless.

Choose a Program Today!

Business & Marketing

Don your fave tie or power skirt, embrace the startup mentality and do more than the coffee-run thing while interning in Ireland.

Graphic Design

Strengthen your portfolio AND have your best summer yet – jackpot! Don’t worry, you won’t have to put shamrocks on everything.

Hospitality & Tourism

While doing your summer internship in tourism, you’ll quickly learn that Ireland is more than potatoes, step-dancing, and redheads.


Use your precious summer months to intern in an NGO, where you can give back while gaining incredible professional skills.

Sports & Recreation

You don’t need to be an all-star hurling champion to succeed in this internship. Ireland has a diverse sporting culture. Join in on the craic!