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29 May Why do an Internship in Ireland? ? ?☘️

Getting that first step on the career ladder is becoming increasingly difficult and any addition you make to our CV will set you apart from the competition. When progressing through your career you’ll find that every bit of experience counts. Here are 5 very important reasons why taking part in one of our internships will help catapult your career: 1. Add international experience to your...

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28 May 6 Things To Learn During Your Internship

Doing an internship can be one of the most enriching life experiences you can have. You will learn lessons that can't be taught in a classroom. It all depends on how much effort you put into it. 1. Career clarity If you’re unsure if this career path is for you, the best way to dispel any doubt is to experience what working in industry is...

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07 Jul How To Nail Your Internship Interview

FINALLY. You've spruced up your resume and filled out the application form. Then, at last, an email pings into your inbox, and you realize it’s all been worth it - you’ve landed yourself your internship interview. Congratulations! But… what now? Fix your resume Make sure you known your resume inside out, and that you feel comfortable walking an interviewer through it. Is there a logical flow? Can...

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