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10 Jul You’ve Graduated! Now What?

Up until now, you’ve been focused on studying and part-time work, now that you’ve completed college - congrats by the way ? - what’s next? ?‍♂️ It’s tough to know where to go from here, but it’s really the time for new experiences - exciting, right? The world is your oyster, it’s time to try it all! Time to experience a new culture, new environment and,...

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28 Jun Getting Your Social Security Number in Ireland ?☘️

There are so many things you need to organise when you decided to move to another country, one of the most important is your Social Security Number, here in Ireland it’s called a PPSN (Personal Public Service Number). It may seem daunting at first but here’s all the information you need, it’s simple really ? Who needs a PPSN? Everyone who intends to undertake paid work in...

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