You've Graduated! Now What? | Professional Internships in Ireland
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You’ve Graduated! Now What?

10 Jul You’ve Graduated! Now What?

Up until now, you’ve been focused on studying and part-time work, now that you’ve completed college – congrats by the way ? – what’s next? ?‍♂️

It’s tough to know where to go from here, but it’s really the time for new experiences – exciting, right? The world is your oyster, it’s time to try it all! Time to experience a new culture, new environment and, most importantly, make new memories!  

We love Ireland, and we know you will too! There are so many opportunities in the hospitality industry in Ireland – in case you haven’t heard, it’s BOOMING! Not to mention the difference in wages, here in Ireland the minimum wage is €9.80 per hour. 

But that’s not why you should undertake an internship here, you should do it because it’s an opportunity to gain experience and launch your career in a very promising trajectory. There’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment when you add something to your resume that you’re proud of and worked so hard for. 

There are definitely Companies like us who enjoy nothing more than helping you succeed, so if you’ve made up your mind about completing an international internship apply today and we’ll help you along the way! ✈️?

Until now, your world was based on spending countless hours without sleep studying and studying until you finished the race. You have already done it, you have already achieved it, but now what …? What is the next step? What are you going to do with your life and more importantly, what are you going to do with your work life.

There are so many students who finish their degrees and are not clear about what to do or how to focus their careers. Worse still, those who do know what they want to do, don’t get a good job or simply do not get a job.

A good option to face this uncertainty is to work abroad for a while. The minimum wage in Spain does not reach 6 euros gross / hour compared to the minimum wage in Ireland which is 9.80 euros gross / hour. This alone is already an important reason why maybe you should consider working abroad for a while, but another reason is that it will help guide your professional career. You will be able to start acquiring knowledge while doing an internship in your sector which will help you to decide which way you want to take.

A large percentage of young people finish their studies and do not get a job, what means that they must live in their parents’ house. The option of going abroad opens a door to independence, you will have to learn how to survive on your own and although it is difficult, it’s also very rewarding.

If you have made the decision and want to enjoy the experience, you do not have to do it alone. We know that all beginnings are difficult and much more if you have to do it in another country. Companies like ours will help you achieve your goals and we will make the road easier for you and even if you think that the initial investment is high, you will see that it is very profitable in the long term.

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