Getting Your Social Security Number in Ireland ?☘️ | Professional Internships in Ireland
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Getting Your Social Security Number in Ireland ?☘️

28 Jun Getting Your Social Security Number in Ireland ?☘️

There are so many things you need to organise when you decided to move to another country, one of the most important is your Social Security Number, here in Ireland it’s called a PPSN (Personal Public Service Number). It may seem daunting at first but here’s all the information you need, it’s simple really ?

Who needs a PPSN?

Everyone who intends to undertake paid work in Ireland needs to get a PPSN – this includes interns being paid an hourly rate or salary.

What is a PPSN?

A PPSN is a unique reference number all residents in Ireland are obliged to get. You can manage your taxes online – this is super important because when you first enter employment you may be taxed a lot but can easily claim them back.

Where do I get my PPSN?

You’ll need to go to attend an interview at the local Welfare Office. It’s pretty straight forward, make an appointment and show up.  

Top Tip: Before you get to Ireland register for and book your appointment online.

What do I need to bring with me for my interview appointment?

For your appointment, you will need to bring at least one proof of address in the form of:

  • A household utility bill
  • An official letter/document
  • A financial statement
  • Property lease or tenancy agreement
  • Confirmation of address by a third party such as a hotel/hostel administrator or manager, school principal/administrator or accommodation/property owner

You will also need to bring photographic identification, which varies depending on your nationality, see below:

  • EU Citizens (other than Irish and UK) – current passport or national identity card
  • Non-EU Citizens – current passport

Top Tip: Your photo will be taken during your interview, make sure you look nice.

I don’t live in Ireland, I don’t have a bill – what should I do?

Before you start work, you should register for the Revenue Online Service ( When you register to make sure to choose to have all documents to be sent to your Irish address so you will have proof of address when going to your appointment with Welfare.

When do I get my PPSN?

Once you complete your interview with Welfare, your brand new PPSN will be posted to your Irish address within 5 – 7 working days.

From the first day you should manage your taxes, let’s make sure you earn as much as possible during your time here.

Why do I need a PPSN?

Your PPSN s a unique number assigned to you by the Irish government, once you have this number can access the social welfare benefits, public services, and information in Ireland, as well as being able to manage your own taxes while in the country.

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